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Chronos and Ananke

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Chronos and Ananke emerge as celestial forces weaving the fabric of destiny. Chronos, the embodiment of time, orchestrating the flow of past, present, and future. Ananke, the personification of necessity and inevitability, stands as his counterpart, guiding the threads of fate.






140 x 100 cm


In the digital realm, where technology is part of the human experience, the essence of Chronos and Ananke can find a new expression. They become the guardians of progress and evolution, guiding humanity through the landscape of innovation and transformation.


Even young people feel the rapid pace of societal and technological change. As we age and transition into family life, the innovative ideas of our youth become mainstream, adopted by new generations who refine and advance these concepts. Initially, this might make us feel outpaced, as if society is advancing without us. However, as we mature, our role shifts from being pioneers of new ideas to mentors, supporting the fresh energy and innovations of younger minds.

This evolution in roles highlights the importance of adaptation and mentorship in a fast-moving world. It's not about losing relevance but about changing how we contribute, guiding the next wave of innovators who build on the foundations we set. In this dynamic cycle, every generation plays a crucial part in continuous progress.

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