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Opera Fantastico

Opera Japan Final Staged2


Conjuring a vibrant image that blends the grandeur and emotional depth of traditional opera, we realize the joy of life is often small, yet that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate it in a big way. It's okay to be at the center of the stage, giving your life meaning through your experiences, even when nobody is actually watching. We are not a quantum state that exists only with a spectator; we are both the element and the spectator at once. Being submerged in your own opera elicits emotions you'll never experience merely as a spectator. Observing the dancer, we can only imagine what she might feel acting in such a grand way.






30 x 50 cm

Operajapan A

Life will be celebrated even in bigger visual ways

The dancer might want to radiate energy, or she might want to absorb the energy radiating towards her. It is only when we also become the dancer that we truly feel the intricacies of the opera—the hidden mechanics, the backstage where the magic suddenly evaporates. To turn these hidden workings back into the magic that one can experience as a spectator, she must embody the magic beyond the spectacle itself. In the endless possibilities of the digital realm life will be celebrated even in bigger visual ways than we now can imagine and the way in which you want to spectate, and dance will be of course magnified beyond our imaginations.

Operajapan B

Hofstraat N°2, Ostend

Court Street Final Staged