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About Ommery de zutter

Ommery De Zutter is a contemporary digital artist, based in Belgium, exploring the digital realm. Using the computer and 3D visualization software he unravels the possibilities provided by digital space and researches new aesthetics within these digital tools.

The inspiration for his works mainly come from architecture, religion, and philosophical concepts. We advise you to read up on the artworks themselves to get a full grasp on the themes.

His goal is to show and express the vast magnitude of possibilities in the conditions of today. Posing the question if there is still such a thing as a shared sense of time, materiality, place, identity, hierarchy, and language when these digital tools become further adopted by society.

In the quest of finding a shared reality amidst these dislocating movements, he brings forth his artworks to further aide us, himself, and you making new connections.

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