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Heterotopia staged


Heterotopia, a concept introduced by the French philosopher Michel Foucault, offers a fascinating lens through which to explore the intricate dynamics of space, identity, and societal norms. Unlike utopias, which represent idealized, perfected spaces, or dystopias, which depict nightmarish, oppressive worlds, heterotopias exist as spaces of otherness within our own reality.






300 x 200 cm

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What makes heterotopias intriguing is their ability to simultaneously mirror and contest the norms of society. They serve as sites of reflection, where individuals confront the complexities of their own existence and societal values. In doing so, heterotopias blur the boundaries between reality and imagination, inviting us to question the constructed nature of our world and the power dynamics that shape it.

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Digital space is a new heterotopia.

Liminal Space

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